Anti-DDoS and protection

24/7 Analysis

All incoming traffic through our filters is continuously analyzed for your protection.

Bot Blocking

We have the ability to block bots without requiring prior access to your website.

Custom Solutions

Our protection filters are customizable at the client's request (*additional cost may apply).

About anti-ddos system and how we work

please read this!

The defense system is highly effective against numerous types of attacks, which are not listed here due to their sheer volume.

Our website protection service operates on straightforward principles: you pay, we work – it's that simple.

We may adjust pricing for specialized cases, such as betting games or casinos.

If your intentions are disruptive, please refrain from such activities on our platform.

Our refund policy is straightforward: we provide a 24-hour test period, even during attacks. If you are satisfied, we establish a cryptocurrency payment method and continue working with you.

In the rare event of a DDoS attack that bypasses our protection, we will attempt manual intervention. It's important to note that no mechanism is infallible, especially in the context of DDoS protection. If manual intervention is unsuccessful, we offer a refund for the remaining days of the paid subscription period. For example, if the protection worked for 15 out of 30 days, you will receive a refund for the remaining 15 days.

Our billing cycle operates on a 30-day calendar basis.

Starting Price: $100 USD/Domain per Month

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